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Change Leadership

Top : Change Leadership - In a changing world, leaders can provide a sense of stability and continuity to people in their organizations. The effective change leader helps create common vision about planned changes, and helps inspire confidence when changes are difficult or caused by crisis. Leading through change is one of the most critical roles of any organizational leader.

Leading In A Period Of Constant Change

Wouldn't it be great if the world moved slowly and leaders didn't have to constantly adapt to a changing environment. Not happening. Change isn't leaving, so managers need to learn how to envision, formulate, react to, implement and communicate change initiatives.

In fact, one of the prime determinants of whether organizaitonal changes will succeed or not is how the leaders of the organization communicate changes to followers. Because without the commitment of regular line employees, change management is near impossible.

That's what we'll look at in this section, managing and leading change initiatives.Leading in teams is something that occurs whether there's a formal leader for the team or when leadership comes from within the group from team members who don't have formal authority. So, if you work in a team environment, this section will help you understand how teams work, and more importantly, how you can lead through your words and actions, informally.

While you are here, you might find useful our LearnBytes helpcard on how to contribute more effectively to your team. While written for team members, many of the ideas relate to team leadership.

Advice For Leaders On The Change Management Process:

  • Culture and Complexity: New Approaches to Organisation Change By Richard Seel
    Conventional approaches to organisational culture and change have been inadequate, partly because they have been based on outmoded models of organisational dynamics. A complexity approach can offer a new perspective, or paradigm, which leads to a radically different kind of practice for change agents. (Added: 29-Oct-2000 Hits: 1485 )
  • Employee Engagement Six principles for leadership communication during change By Chris Gay
    Many organizations today are experiencing a tremendous amount of change. For the change to be effective and result in the desired outcomes, leaders must be at the front and center of any communication strategy. In my next two newsletters, I'll be focusing on the six principles of leadership communication during times of change, which communicators can use to help leaders increase their communication effectivenes (Added: 17-Nov-2009 Hits: 1325 )
  • Employee Readiness for Change By Susan M. Heathfield
    Employees are more apt to support change if they are ready to make changes. This means they believe in the changes, have the time and energy to invest in the changes, and your organization is ready to support the changes. (Added: 10-Apr-2007 Hits: 1596 )
  • Help Your Employees Succeed By Jan B. King
    As an effective leader you have a vision of where you want to take your organization. A vision and a plan are great to have, but to succeed you need the buy-in of your employees. Take a few minutes to consider these ideas to get your teams on-board. (Added: 20-Feb-2007 Hits: 993 )
  • How to Avoid the Mistakes Most Change Leaders Make By Phillip Ralph
    Here's a discussion of the typical mistakes a change leader must avoid, if he/she wants to be successful in implementing change in an organization. This is a good article with some great insights. Don't miss reading it. pop (Added: 5-Mar-2010 Hits: 6523 )
  • How to Embrace Complex Change By Linda Brimm
    Excellent analysis of why people (and leaders) have trouble adapting to change) using the author's 7 C's framework. (Added: 10-Sep-2015 Hits: 984 )
  • How to Help Fix a Toxic Work Culture By JJ Ramberg
    Toxic workplaces harm not only people, but if that's not enough to convince you to take action, consider the lost productivity. Here are some ideas on how to address a toxic work culture. (Added: 24-Aug-2016 Hits: 859 )
  • Innovation and Change: Breaking the Rules By Karim Jaude
    "As leaders release the power of innovation, they must also be constantly adapting policies, procedures, and even processes to make room for these dynamic changes. Here are seven ideas to consider when implementing innovation and change in your organization:" (Added: 5-Mar-2010 Hits: 1240 )
  • Is change management necessary? By Andy West
    Some believe that it's not possible to manage change, while others note that most change attempts fail. Here's a good article on whether managing change can work, and some suggestions as to how to go about it. (Added: 8-Jun-2016 Hits: 847 )
  • Is change management necessary? By Andy West
    Change can happen to us, or we can manage change in response to external forces, says this author, who also suggests that involving stakeholders is key to success. (Added: 10-Nov-2015 Hits: 998 )
  • Leading Change... Don't Impose Your Will By Greogory Covery
    Some strategic advice for leaders who are leading change in their organization. Whether the change is small or a major restructure, here are some ideas for its successful implementation. (Added: 5-Mar-2010 Hits: 907 )
  • Leading Change... Don't Impose Your Will By Greogory Covery
    Some strategic advice for leaders who are leading change in their organization. Whether the change is small or a major restructure, here are some ideas for its successful implementation. (Added: 5-Mar-2010 Hits: 3493 )
  • Leading Followers to Change By Bridgit Gilmore
    Here's some insight into change leadership. Five good rules of thumbs of coaching for change are discussed here. (Added: 19-Mar-2010 Hits: 1058 )
  • Leading Followers to Change By Bridget Gilmore
    Followers can sense when a leader has self-confidence which is a trait consisting of self esteem and self-assurance in his ability to make change happen and his ability to motivate followers to change (Northouse, 2004). Adding to this thought, Gunn (1999) asserts that followers who experience effective leadership can recognize it. He also stated that followers feel calm, confident, have faith in the vision, are willing to help, feel that the tasks aren't difficult, when the leader acts with common sense, decency and intelligence. Exhibiting too much self-confidence can have the opposite impact. (Added: 18-Jun-2007 Hits: 1322 )
  • Leading Those That Remain After Downsizing Or Job Loss By Robert Bacal
    Downsizing...Right-sizing, layoffs or workforce adjustment, whatever the current "correct" terminology, the fact remains that it is the most difficult thing that managers will deal with in their careers (Added: 14-Oct-2000 Hits: 1110 )
  • Seven reasons for change literacy By Patrick Mayfield
    The essence: It's often not a lack of skills that lead to change failing, but a fundamental lack of understanding of how others will be affected by change and an inability to successfully communicate the reasons for change, Patrick Mayfield says in this article. (Added: 8-Jun-2016 Hits: 690 )
  • Team Building and Change By David Greenberg
    Here are a few key lessons ... about dealing with change and uncertainty that you can use to help your organization reach its goals: (Added: 8-Nov-2007 Hits: 1081 )
  • The Ethics (and Success Factors) of Change By David Zatz, Ph.D.
    Reasons why some people are suspicious of change efforts, and what change agents (including leaders and consultants) can do to avoid problems. Includes notes on what most successful changes have in common, regardless of their field (OD, quality, etc.) (Added: 22-Mar-2002 Hits: 927 )
  • The Nature of Organisational Change By Richard Seel
    This article offers a simple typology of different kinds of change. It was developed to help clients understand change in organisations and it helps to explain the specific nature of organisational change as the most fundamental of these. It also offers some thoughts on the nature of organisational change. (Added: 31-May-2003 Hits: 1338 )
  • Understanding The Seven Dynamics of Change By Robert Bacal
    Whatever the kinds of change that people encounter, there are certain patterns of response that occur and re-occur. It is important that change leaders understand some of these patterns, since they are normal outcomes of the change process (Added: 14-Oct-2000 Hits: 1237 )
  • Why You Must Lead Differently As Your Team Grows By George Bradt
    It's a mistake to think you can choose a leadership approach and stick to it as your organization evolves. You need to constantly evaluate your leader success and flex to changing realities. (Added: 8-Sep-2015 Hits: 820 )
  • Women Leaders and Organizational Change By Mallory Stark
    Some suggest that adding more women in leadership roles will change organizations, but this article suggests that that isn't going to work. Much more is required if our organizations are to change. (Added: 27-Apr-2015 Hits: 956 )


Downsizing And Layoff Challenges (13)
Leaders deal with difficult personnel decisions and how to turn organizations around once layoffs and downsizing have been used. Here's help on this difficult topic.

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