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Employee Empowerment

Top : Employee Empowerment

Empowered Employees Provide Huge Benefit For Managers And Leaders

"Employee empowerment" has that 'feel" of being a buzzword, but there are so many benefits to driving down decision-making out of the manager's/leader's office to the "floor" that a wise leader will make special effort to do so.

Here are some of the benefits, for the company, for leaders and managers and for employees.

Benefits Of Empowering Employees That Are Beyond Theory

  1. Decisions and their implementation can be made much faster because there's no longer a need to go "up the chain" to get approval. Speed IS important in today's world.
  2. When you compare the knowledge of employees versus the knowledge of executives about every day operations, where things go wrong, and how to fix them, you find that employees, because they are "there" all the time, are in better positions to address problems, provided they have the delegated power to do so. And, they can do so on the fly.
  3. Empowered employees can reduce the urge for more senior managers to micromanage. While it might be scary for managers to delegate authority to staff because managers no longer hear about picayune details, it's also true that managers can be free to concentrate on bigger picture issues, which is truly what their jobs are about.
  4. Employees who are given more responsibility tend to grow into that responsibility. Their capabilities iincrease, and they can become more valuable employees. Empowerment is a form of employee development.
  5. Empowered employees feel much more a part of the team, feel respected and trusted, and those elements have a huge positive effect on what some call employee engagement.


More On How To Empower Employees To Save Time And Maximize Productivity

  • Empowering Your Employees By Tamara Dowling, CPRW
    As an effective leader you should know what it means to empower your employees and have the skill to recognize what each individual requires for success. Here are some words about the seven basic concepts for empowering your employees and demonstrating your true excellent leadership style. (Added: 26-Feb-2010 Hits: 1383 )
  • Fostering Innovative Decision-making Through Leadership By Robert S. Root-Bernstein, Ph.D.
    Institutions that want to harness innovation must learn to recognize the people most likely to be leaders, and must empower them to act by creating appropriate conditions of work and decision-making. Read more about innovation and leadership in this article. (Added: 17-Feb-2010 Hits: 1061 )
  • How to Empower Your Employees and Yourself By Laura Stack
    A realistic view of empowering employees, warts and all, but one contention is that empowered employees are more productive. Horribly formatted old style article, but content is good. (Added: 4-Sep-2014 Hits: 824 )
  • One Minute Manager - Empowerment is the Key By Ken Blanchard
    Without a change in the organization's culture in conjunction with downsizing, you simply wind up with a less efficient, smaller bureaucracy. And less efficient bureaucracies cannot address the four essential demands facing companies in the 1990s. They must be customer-driven, cost-effective, fast and flexible, and continually improving. (Added: 15-Oct-2000 Hits: 1390 )
  • Research: Empowered workers are better, more productive workers By University Of Iowa
    A new study from the University of Iowa confirms that workers who feel empowered by their employers have higher morale and are more productive, regardless of their industry, job or even culture. "Empowerment is an effective approach for improving employee attitudes and work behaviors in a broad range of industries, occupations and geographic regions," said lead researcher Scott Seibert, professor of management and organizations in the Tippie College of Business. Seibert said the study shows that when done properly, empowerment initiatives can lead to higher job satisfaction, lower turnover and reduced stress among employees. Empowered workers also are more innovative and perform better at their jobs. (Added: 4-Sep-2014 Hits: 811 )
  • The Impact of Empowered Employees on Corporate Value By Pepperdine University Business Journal
    The global competitive environment is and will become more brutal for corporations this century. Most corporations, however, fail to recognize and empower their most important assets: employees. The hypothesis of this article is that those corporations that truly exhibit employee empowerment through emphasizing meaningful communication, willingness to serve, and common purpose will have statistically more favorable financial and/or investment results than corporations lacking employee empowerment. This hypothesis has been substantiated and the conclusion made clear for corporate executives: Empower employees or accept substandard financial results and possible elimination as a competitive force. (Added: 4-Sep-2014 Hits: 747 )

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