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Management Gurus and Heros

Top : Management Gurus and Heros - Learn from the acknowledged leaders and great minds in the fields of management, business and psychology.

  • Elton Mayo, Management Guru By na
    Elton Mayo was an Australian interested in employee motivation and commitment and the relationship between workers and management. Mayo's best known work was the Hawthorne Study in the Western Electrical Company in the USA, and the development of the "human relations" approach to management. (Added: 1-Dec-2009 Hits: 1388 )
  • Frederick W Taylor - Scientific Management By na
    Brief synopsis about Frederick Taylor, father of scientific management, and an often criticized target in modern management thinking. (Added: 1-Dec-2009 Hits: 1257 )
  • The Gift of the Goose By Ken Blanchard
    Ken Blanchard uses story-telling to explain part of his book, Gung-Ho, and suggests that recognizing performance, patting people on the back and rewarding needs to be done in an ongoing way, not just at the end of a good performance. (Added: 7-May-2006 Hits: 1965 )
  • Way of the Beaver By Ken Blanchard
    In this story by Ken Blanchard, the focus is on how providing limits to employees actions (so they are understood), allows employees to act with freedom and responsibility. (Added: 7-May-2006 Hits: 2086 )


Argyris Chris (5)
Articles about and by Chris Argyris, highly regarded guru or process and human interactions.
Bennis Warren (0)
Warren Bennis is another of the venerable senior management experts who has had a huge impact on management practice and theory, particularly performance management. Warren Bennis is also known for his insight on leadership.
Collins Jim (3)
One of the new generation of management researchers and experts. Jim Collins jettisoned a traditional academic career at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business - where he received the Distinguished Teaching Award - to pursue his research interests, founding his own management research laboratory in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Jim has devoted more than a decade of research to studying enduring great companies - how they grow, how they attain superior performance, and how good companies can become great companies - during which time he has authored or co-authored four books including Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, co-authored with Jerry I. Porras.
Drucker Peter (0)
Peter Drucker is one of the world's most respected thinkers on management and society. He has a brimming lifetime of wisdom to share and expertise that reaches well beyond the confines of the world´s largest companies. He is the ultimate guru to generations of executives and students of management theory, of how organizations succeed, and why they fail.
Handy Charles (0)
Irish born Charles Handy is a prolific and recognized writer on commentator on management, organizations, and education. Learn more about him and his work here.
Herzberg Frederick (2)
Learn about this renowned management and motivation expert, professor and research - articles by and about Herzberg.
Kanter Rosabeth Moss (2)
Rosabeth Moss Kanter is probably the most prominent woman in the field of management and organizational thought. Author of a number of books including The Change Masters, and When Giants Learn To Dance, she is best known for her work on change management.
Maslow Abraham (8)
While Maslow's work initially had little to do with the workplace or management, and was part of the humanistic psychology movement, it's probably one of the most well known bits of psychology applied to the workplace. Overly simplistic, and even inaccurate, his "theory" of self-actualization and hierarchy is still prominent.
McGregor Douglas (2)
Douglas McGregor is best known for his ideas on Theory X and Theory Y approaches to management, which he outlined in 1960 in The Human Side of Enterprise. One of the most enduring and well known management concepts.
Mintzberg Henry (3)
For articles and materials about and by Henry Mintzberg, expert on leadership and other management issues
Peters Tom (1)
Read articles and excerpts by noted modern guru, Tom Peters, and interviews of him.
Senge Peter (1)
One of the new breed of organizational and personal development experts, Peter Senge is best known for his books on "The Fifth Discipline", and "The Dance of Change". Learn more about Senge's work here.
Welch Jack (2)
Many management gurus come from a theoretical or academic background. Jack Welch made his mark through his work, particularly heading up General Electric. Certainly controversial, but very successful, learn more about Jack Welch, his methods, and influence.

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