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Authentic Leadership

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Commentary on Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership simply sounds so good. After all, who among us want phony, disingenuous leaders, whether in our political system or our companies. But is it that simple? It depends. It depends on how we define the phrase. For example, if we use a strict definition, authentic leadership would preclude withholding information from constituents, and much as that sounds good, there's often times when leaders need to be less than forthcoming.

Further, what about situations where a leader is worried and concerned about certain aspects of the future. Authenticiy would mean conveying that to those he or she leads. But are there situations where we want a leader to be inauthentic and convey a sense of positiveness about that future? Probably.

So, it's simply not so simple.

While authentic leadership sounds great - who would disagree with transparency and honesty, the reality is that when you delve under the surface of this simple idea, you'll find many questions left unanswered:

  • Is it even possible for anyone to be truly authentic in anything?
  • Are there times when a leader MUST hide his or her feelings, and keep certain information from others for the sake of followers?
  • Is it possible for leaders in business to be "authentic" within a business environment where disclosure can put one's business at risk?
  • Is authentic leadership something that is done for the benefit of followers and employees, or a principle that creates smug leaders focusing on the principle rather than the welfare of followers?


Authentic Leadership: Pro's, Con's And The Devil Is In The Detail

  • Authentic Leadership By Kevin Cashman
    Presents the basic principles underlying authentic leadership and the five touchstones. pop (Added: 17-Jul-2007 Hits: 5714 )
  • Authentic Leadership Can Be Bad Leadership - Deborah Gruenfeld and Lauren Zander - Harvard Business Review By Deborah Gruenfeld and Lauren Zande
    Most people can agree that authenticity is of great value. We'd rather be -- or follow -- a leader who is for real than one who is faking it. Acting in a way that feels truthful, candid, and connected to who you really are is important, and is a leadership quality worth aspiring to. On the other hand, being who you are and saying what you think can be highly problematic if the real you is a jerk. In practice, we've observed that placing value on being authentic has become an excuse for bad behavior among executives. It's important to realize that what makes you you is not just the good stuff -- your values, aspirations and dreams; the qualities others love most. For most people, what comes naturally can also get pretty nasty. When you are overly critical, non-communicative, crass, judgmental, or rigid, you are probably at your most real -- but you are not at your best. In fact, it is often these most authentic parts of a leader that need the most management. (Added: 6-Sep-2011 Hits: 2561 )
  • Authentic Leadership: Looking in the Mirror, Entrepreneurial Skills Article - Inc. Article By Sarah Fenson
    So to be truly genuine - or authentic -a leader requires a few things: To ensurethat one's corporate actions and rhetoric arealigned; to ensure that such actions aremeaningful (as opposed to superficial,headline-grabbing actions that don'ttake root beyond theorganization's need for disingenuouspublicity); and to ensure that one's publicpersona and private core are not at odds. (Added: 17-Jul-2007 Hits: 2603 )
  • Building Fires - What Leaders Do By David Bea
    What leaders do in facilitating the greatness of those around them begins with teaching and demonstrating the characteristics of leadership with true passion. Training new leaders is like building a fire and the analogies between the two create a clear mental picture of that process. (Added: 10-Mar-2010 Hits: 1241 )
  • Can the Masks of Command Coexist with Authentic Leadership? By Jim Heskett
    Do authentic leaders need "masks of command"? Instructors seek case studies posing issues that provoke discussion on both sides of an issue and raise many questions. We seem to have found such an issue this month: Can the "masks of command" coexist with authentic leadership? (Added: 24-Nov-2009 Hits: 2155 )
  • How to Manage Someone You Don't Like By Amy Gallo
    Lots of comments on this one on HBR. Excerpt: Everybody complains about incompetent bosses or dysfunctional co-workers, but what about irritating direct reports? What should you do if the person you manage drives you crazy? If the behavior is a performance issue, there's a straightforward way to address what's irking you -- but what do you do when it's an interpersonal issue? Is it possible to be a fair boss to someone you'd avoid eating lunch with -- or must you learn to like every member of your team? (Added: 20-Sep-2013 Hits: 1419 )
  • Journal Article: Critique of the discourse of authentic leadership By Rita A Gardiner
    An academic and perhaps philisophical approach to the topic, so not for everyone. You can download the entire article. Abstract: This article considers the new management discourse of authentic leadership is deeply problematic because it fails to take into account how social and historical circumstances affect a person's ability to be a leader. (Added: 11-Jul-2016 Hits: 991 )
  • The Challenge of Authentic Leadership | Business Ethics By na
    Of all the styles and types of leadership, something called authentic leadership seems the easiest to achieve - after all, who wouldn't want to be, and come across as, the genuine article? But it may be more complicated than that. Columnist Gael O'Brien asks: "Is it possible that a 21st century leadership can emerge that involves self awareness, emotional intelligence, and authenticity?" (Added: 19-Oct-2011 Hits: 1633 )
  • What is the Authentic Leadership Theory? By Melinda Longoria
    Many talk about authentic leadership as if it's a simple idea, but in fact, it's not at all. In this comprehensive article, you'll find three different perspectives on authenticity. (Added: 3-Sep-2014 Hits: 1675 )

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