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Ethical Leadership

Top : Ethical Leadership - Cynical folks might call ethical leadership an oxymoron. Are there any rules or standards pertaining to the conduct or practices of the leadership role? Leaders should hold themselves to a higher code of conduct. Take the opportunity to see if you are leading ethically. Also, learn how you can keep your company ethical. You can get some ideas about how to foster and develop ethical leadership in your organization.

  • Blind Spots: We're Not as Ethical as We Think By Sean Silverthorne
    Think back to recent events when people making unethical decisions grabbed the headlines. How did auditors approve the books of Enron and Lehman Brothers? How did feeder funds sell Bernard Madoff's invesments? We would never act as they did, we think. We operate under a higher standard. But the fact is that while we like to think of ourselves as fair, moral, and lawful, recent science shows us that we are quite capable of committing unethical acts, or approving of the dishonest acts of others, even as we believe we are doing the right thing. (Added: 27-Nov-2011 Hits: 1161 )
  • CEOs: Setting the Ethical Tone By n a
    The role of the CEO in setting a company's ethical culture was the focus of a panel at the April 6 meeting of the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership, a program of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and 13 corporations. See what each CEO does in his organization to set its ethical tone. (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1722 )
  • Culture Suggests Cheaters Do Prosper By Kirk O. Hanson
    A good discussion regarding ethics in everyday life that can be applied to business. Also discussed is the damage done to society when it seems that cheaters do prosper. (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1728 )
  • Diversity and Leadership By Donald Clark
    This article poses and then provides very detailed answers to these two questions. Why Must We Embrace Diversity? and Why Is Embracing Diversity Such A Huge Challenge? Also, provided is a great definition of diversity. (Added: 21-Feb-2007 Hits: 1432 )
  • Encouraging Internal Whistleblowing in Organizations By Lilanthi Ravishankar
    A good read if you want to know how to encourage your employees to report unethical behaviors. Find out how to implement a whistleblowing program and good reasons for doing so. (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1779 )
  • Ethical Challenges in Human Resources By James O'Toole
    "Of course Aristotle never heard of a large business or corporation. Nonetheless he did raise a set of questions that corporate leaders who wish to behave ethically need to ask themselves ......" See what those questions are and how you can apply them to your business situation. (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1461 )
  • Ethical Nonprofits Attract and Retain Employees By Alexandra Kadlec
    Discussions about ethics in the public sector often focus on legal and nonprofit standards such as transparency, accountability, and avoiding conflicts of interest. But workplace ethics encompass more than a simple set of guidelines or rules, often requiring intuitive responses in ambiguous situations. Even the perception of ethical or unethical behavior can greatly impact relationships between employees, organizational dynamics, and affiliations with funders and the public. Two recent studies confirm the importance of meeting these challenges - and provide evidence that ethical nonprofits attract and retain the best employees. In a study by LRN, an organization that helps companies create ethical corporate culture (Employee Engagement: A report on how ethics affects corporate ability to attract, recruit and retain employees) 834 American adult workers were interviewed over the phone. Although not specific to the public sector, the LRN study confronts a number of ethical workplace issues relevant to the nonprofit sector. (Added: 27-Aug-2012 Hits: 1566 )
  • Ethics and Company Folklore By n a
    The most pregnant moment to establish ethics is when you're just starting up because actions that leadership takes during that phase become the folklore of the company and set the tone. These are the stories that are told about how management went about dealing with problems. The folklore is really a statement of the company's decision-making processes--including its ethical decision-making processes--that everyone can relate to. (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1390 )
  • Ethics and Power: How to Strike the Right Balance | By Jeffrey Pfeffer
    Your skill in understanding and playing organizational politics predicts multiple measures of your career success, according to author Gerald Ferris (Political Skill at Work) and other researchers. Streetline CEO and former SAP senior executive Zia Yusuf has also argued that business success requires both substantive knowledge and the ability to master organizational dynamics. Without the first, you can get stuff done--but it probably won't be the right stuff. Without the second, you will know what to do--but not be able to effectively implement that knowledge. (Added: 29-Apr-2013 Hits: 823 )
    Part 1 of a multi part series on ethical leadership and how to achieve an ethics based organization. Thought provoking. (Added: 22-Sep-2015 Hits: 767 )
  • High Ambition Leadership By Martha Lagace
    What is welcome and all too rare? Leaders who care about building great institutions, not just profits. What sets these leaders apart in their practice and outlook? Harvard Business School's Michael Beer in his new book, Higher Ambition: How Great Leaders Create Economic and Social Value, examines how CEOs from major companies around the globe--Becton Dickinson, IKEA, Tata Group--made a positive difference for their employees, their customers, their community, and society while not neglecting profits. Beer cowrote the book with Russell Eisenstat, Nathaniel Foote (Harvard MBA'81/JD'82), Tobias Fredberg, and Flemming Norrgren. "The world of business has been governed by an implicit leadership model," Beer explains. "With the exception of a minority of CEOs, however--those we interviewed and others like them--the purpose of the firm is defined by a single-minded focus on return on financial and physical assets, not creating social value." (Added: 27-Nov-2011 Hits: 1157 )
  • HighTech Women: The Business of Ethics By Jane Collier
    The author offers key suggestions for keeping your company ethical. You will want to review each suggestion to determine if you as a leader, are demonstrating these ethical principles. (Added: 7-Feb-2007 Hits: 989 )
  • Incorporating Ethics into the Organization's Strategic Plan By Miriam Schulman
    The former president, CEO, and chairman of Informix Corp., Finocchio offered prescriptions for incorporating ethics into the organization's strategic plan and suggestions for implementation at the March 2006 meeting of the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership, a project of SCU's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1620 )
  • Leadership, Common Purpose and Shared Values | Business Ethics By na
    Where can you find a company where employees are happy, have high energy, great morale, and speak the same organizational language? Where people know not only what the organization's values are, but use those values as their basis for making decisions? No, we don't need to go to Shangri-La to find it. The road map, according to Joel Kurtzman, leads to common-purpose companies. Kurtzman has spent more than 30 years working with global companies and their leaders. (Added: 19-Oct-2011 Hits: 889 )
  • Research Summary: Middle managers copy their bosses' bad behaviour By na
    This should come as no surprise for the observant, but here's reference to research that suggests that middle managers copy the bad behaviors they observe in their bosses, which highlights the importance of ethical leadership at the top. (Added: 8-Jun-2016 Hits: 708 )
  • Silicon Valley Executives Discuss Building an Ethical Organization By n a
    These comments are excerpts from presentations at the Ethics Center's third biennial global business Ethics Conference, "The Accountable Corporation," held February 18-19, 2005, on the Santa Clara University campus. Ned Barnholt, Dan Warmenhoven (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1217 )
  • Start-Up Ethics By Kirk O. Hanson
    Even without a formal program, start-ups can create and many have created a very effective commitment to ethical practice. Examination of the best practices of these start-ups reveals several key steps new ventures can take to make ethics a distinguishing mark of the start-up's culture (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1306 )
  • The Ethics of Human Capital By James O'Toole
    Doing business ethically is a leader's responsibility. Current leaders and aspiring leaders alike will want to read this dicussion of the ethics of human capital and how each leader is ethically bound to create a productive environment. (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1283 )
  • Unethical Conduct in Organizations By Kirk O. Hanson
    One of your challenges as a leader is to address unethical conduct within your organization. Read here for five guidelines to help you confron the situation. (Added: 26-Feb-2007 Hits: 1265 )

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