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Faith Based Leadership

Top : Faith Based Leadership - Faith based leadership refers to the process of considering leadership in the light of one's religious, spiritual or faith related beliefs. You'll find more on these pages if you are interested.

  • Faith-Based Leadership: Ancient Rhythms or New Management By Dantley, Michael
    (Abstract From Journal) This conceptual essay examines the controversial idea of faith-based leadership without relying on traditional notions of conservative, essentialist theology. The essay challenges scholars as well as practitioners in educational leadership to grapple with the realities of an esoteric or spiritual existence that has a phenomenal impact on their personal as well as professional behavior (Added: 30-Nov-2009 Hits: 1250 )
  • Principles of Effective Christian Leadership- colossians 1:24-29 By Rev. Bruce Goettsche
    I was eager to read the book Iaccoca by Lee Iacocca, the former Chairman of the Chrysler Corporation. I was fascinated by the way this man took a company from virtual bankruptcy to success. I wanted to learn how he someone could do what he did. Last year I eagerly read The Road Ahead by Bill Gates of Microsoft. He has his finger on the pulse of technology and I wanted to hear what he had to say. We often buy books by politicans, athletes, Scientists and Doctors because we want to learn the lessons that made them successful. In the text before us the Apostle Paul reveals his principles of effective Christian Leadership. They are principles that govern his life. But these are principles not just for the Pastor, teacher or Board Member . . . they are principles valuable to every Christian because they point us to true discipleship. These are not the same principles you will find in contemporary books on management. These are uniquely Christian principles. (Added: 1-Dec-2009 Hits: 1723 )

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