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Research On Leadership

Top : Research On Leadership - Leadership has been an ongoing topic for research for a very long time, but it is debatable as to whether anything definitive has emerged. Here we'll cover leadership research.

  • Implicit Theory of Leadership among Educators. By Ogawa, Rodney T.; Pederson, Tom
    Although scholars have developed and applied various explicit conceptualizations of leadership to the study of educational administration, far less attention has been given to implicit or informal conceptions of leadership. Some recent studies claim that leadership impact on organizational performance is minimal or illusory; others argue that more subtle, previously unexamined forms of influence may be operating. This study examines: (1) the extent to which educators distinguish between the notions of leader, formal leader, and informal leader; (2) the behaviors educators associate with the concept of leadership; and (3) whether subgroups among educators hold different implicit theories of leadership. The University of Utah College of Education furnished 168 student participants, 79 from educational studies, 36 from special education, and 53 from educational administration. A questionnaire divided into demographic, open-ended, and self-assessment sections was used. Students were asked to describe the behaviors of a formal leader, an informal leader, and a leader; they were also asked to rate their desire and capacity to serve in each leadership category. (Added: 3-Feb-2010 Hits: 959 )
  • Leadership in context - Organizational Health Matters By McKinsey and Company
    McKinsey does a lot of research on leadership and organizational health. This study looks at a number of things, and introduces the "leadership staircase" which focuses on the importance of situational leadership and flexibility. (Added: 29-Jan-2016 Hits: 790 )
  • Leadership: Current Theories, Research, and Future Directions By Bruce J. Avolio et al
    WOW. Understanding how and when to share leadership roles is an important leadership skill. A trip is safer and the successes and failures of the experience are more readily accessible to the participants if they feel control over the outcome. Appropriate sharing of leadership jobs in the effective and psychological domains is a way to include participants more in the internal process of the trip-and, by extension, in the group accomplishments, both tangible and intangible. Through this lesson students can learn about the responsible, effective, and psychological functions of a leader and learn more about doing all three jobs as a leader as well as sharing the jobs appropriately. (Added: 27-Apr-2015 Hits: 716 )
  • Overview of Leadership in Organizations By Carter McNamara MBA, PhD
    Here's a ton of information to help you to understand the concept of leadership and its many challenges. Read more about the best practices for leadership. (Added: 19-Mar-2010 Hits: 1101 )
  • Why People Are Drawn to Narcissists Like Donald Trump By Michael Maccoby
    Timely piece, obviously not written by a Donald Trump fan, but it's interesting for those interested in why some of the less mentally healthy people actually end up in leadership roles. (Added: 10-Sep-2015 Hits: 917 )

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