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  • A Whack Up 'Long Side The Head Of Human Resources: The Leadership Imperative By Brent Filson
    working with human resource leaders in a variety of companies for the past two decades, I find that many of them are stumbling. Caught up in the tempests of downsizing, compliance demands, acquisitions, mergers, and reorganizations, they are engaged in activities that have little to do with their central mission. Ignoring or at least giving short shrift to the Leadership Imperative, they are too often viewed, especially by line leaders, as carrying out sideline endeavors. Many HR leaders have nobody to blame for this situation but themselves. By neglecting the Imperative, they themselves have chosen to be sideline participants. Here is a three-step action plan to get the HR function off the sidelines and into the thick of the game. (Added: 12-Oct-2011 Hits: 857 )
  • Dealing with Team Members Who Derail Meetings By HBR
    Some ideas on how to deal with meeting attendees who pull meetings off topic. A risk though that the techniques here will make it worse, so effective meeting leadership is critical. (Added: 20-Sep-2013 Hits: 1272 )
  • Detecting a Saboteur: The Ultimate Leadership Skill By Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker
    identifying toxic people or saboteurs may not be the ultimate leadership skill (it's not), but it's still useful to know who is trying to stab you in the back. (Added: 11-Nov-2014 Hits: 684 )
  • EQ Leadership: EQ Toolbox Articles By Todd Everett
    An outline to help reflect on the skills and qualities of an emotionally intelligent leader. (Added: 18-Jul-2003 Hits: 1479 )
  • Finding and Choosing A Therapist Who Works For You By Robert Bacal
    Finding a mental health professional, counselor, or therapist can be an intimidating process, particularly if you are already feeling off balance. This help card explains where to start to find a therapist, how to evaluate a therapist in the initial meeting and how to determine if that particular therapist is helping you. (Added: 12-Jan-2003 Hits: 831 )
  • Free Basic Guide to Leadership and Supervision By managementhelp
    This free guide to leadership and supervision contains an overview of the responsibilities of supervisors, explanation of core skills, delegation, meeting management, designing organizational structure and more. (Added: 3-Apr-2006 Hits: 1880 )
  • How US Airways Dealt with a Hostile Work Environment | Business Ethics By na
    Columnist Gael O'Brien recently encountered a two-hour flight delay stemming from an argument between two stewardesses on a US Airways flight. While it was a major inconvenience for her and other passengers, she writes, the airline's handling of the situation demonstrated a "formula for leadership that builds trust and reputation, a formula we don't see often enough." (Added: 19-Oct-2011 Hits: 836 )
  • Make 2011 Your Year for Creating Waves By Mary Rosenbaum
    The steps it takes to start a successful Wave and send it out to the rest of the stadium are similar to the way leaders operate in the real world. True leadership is about inspiring others to take the lead, taking the idea wherever it needs to go to move it forward. To lead or start a movement or a Wave you have to be willing to take a stand, believe in what you are doing, put some passion behind your idea, and let others take over when the time is right. Dov Seidman, in his book How, describes the anatomy of a Wave and how it relates to true leadership. Here are some actions you can take to enable you to lead from wherever you are in the room or the stadium. (Added: 4-Jan-2011 Hits: 889 )
  • Managing Downsizing By na
    You'd expect that people would understand that managing downsizing is a people issue, but this article seems to ignore those issues to focus on corporate issues like reputation management. It's a different, and perhaps dehumanizing perspective. (Added: 8-Oct-2015 Hits: 789 )
  • Self-Deception and Challenges for Leaders By na
    Recent crises have led me to wonder what some leaders see when they look in the mirror. Sometimes a distorted reflection can be the result of leaders isolating themselves, choosing to be surrounded by people who gain the most by taking viewpoints the leaders most want to hear. In a political arena that could help explain why Hosni Mubarak so badly misread his leadership crisis. However, in the aftermath of some recent corporate crises, I think self deception, no matter how a leader might arrive there, reflects an image that allows leaders to disengage and disconnect from their actual impact on others. Aside from the damage it does to those affected, it creates an understandable gap in trust, which is the very thing leaders want to re-build after a crisis. (Added: 19-Oct-2011 Hits: 854 )
  • Simma's Seven Step Solution for Successful Inclusive Leadership By SIMMA LIEBERMAN
    Do your employees know your name? Do they even know why your organization exists? If the answer to one or both of these questions is "no," you cannot possibly have an inclusive culture in your organization. And if that's the case, you are not optimizing your business results. Two revealing interactions with employees in the last month caused me to ask these questions. (Added: 8-Jan-2010 Hits: 841 )
  • Study: Effective Leaders' Brains Are Wired Differently By Jenara Nerenberg
    How efficiently the brain focuses its resources in the prefrontal cortex during task processing can help assess a person's leadership skills, according to new research from Wake Forest University. The study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, explores "brain complexity" as it relates to effective leaders. When testing for activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, lead author Prof. Sean Hannah and colleagues found that certain areas correlated with more decisive, adaptive traits in leaders. The study took place on a U.S. Army base; 103 military leaders underwent psychological and neurological tests, including quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG), which measures electrical activity in the brain. (Added: 2-May-2013 Hits: 1265 )
  • Why Leaders Lose Their Way By Bill George
    Bill George talks about the various leaders who have taken the perp walk in the last decade, and explains why these situations occur in modern organizations. (Added: 27-Apr-2015 Hits: 828 )

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